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November 12, 2014. The President's Corner is now a series, with the posting of the second article from our MACC president, Scott Pyles.

President's Corner

Welcome to the 2015 MACC Ski Racing Season! With just enough snow, not too much, this will be our finest season! We're excited about the upcoming season and have a lot of new things to set the stage. You'll hear more about that in the newsletters. Before we launch off into the next season, let me take you back a bit to the start of MACC.

Fifty two years ago, a fledgling organization started up. It was an offshoot of a few ski clubs in Michigan who wanted to race. Don Williams was there. Many of our current and past members were there. Back then, racing was double gate courses of bamboo poles with red, yellow and blue flags on top. Lifts were rope-tows and in a few cases Chair lifts or T-Bars. Boyne Mountain became the home of MACC and continues to support and encourage us in the strongest ways possible for which we are eternally grateful.

In 1963 Park City opened for business. Vail opened only one year before. The Beatles were at their peak and the hippy movements were soaring to the tunes of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Sonny and Cher got married and I was a Junior at Summit County High School in Colorado racing RMSA in the Western states.

The April 1963 Sports Illustrated Cover featured a photograph and story about Michigander Chuck Ferris. – “In the midst of this tight little European fraternity (world-cup) there appeared last winter a tall, asthmatic 22-year-old American named Chuck Ferries (see cover) who had sprouted from the side of a 400-foot hill in Houghton, Mich. . . He won two of five major slalom races in Europe, including Austria's own backyard World Series, the Hahnenkamm at Kitzbühel, and at season's end was ranked among the half dozen best slalom men in the world. Never before had an American skier made a score like this in one winter. . .” Roy Terrell, Sports Illustrated, March 11, 1963.

Chuck's sister Barbara also flourished at that time, named to the 1962 FIS team and 1964 Olympic team.

While the Ferris's didn't race MACC, MACC membership has included members who have represented their countries on national teams and professional tours of Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, USA and others. This list is lead by Boyne's own Hall of Fame Olympian, Cary Adgate. Cary, after 2 Olympics and 6 National championships, returned to race with MACC for several years before taking on the important challenge of coaching Boyne's youngsters. [Editor's note: Scott also raced on the US Ski Team.]

Fifty two times MACC members have gathered at the start of each season to race, to greet each other in friendship, competition and to build a strong, vibrant, premier racing league on par with any in the nations ski centers. Michigan Alpine Competition Council is the Premier League of Masters Ski Racing in Michigan and it's because every member is engaged and participates in extending the legacy that started 52 years ago.

This season is filled with anticipation of great runs, that long-sought breakthrough and finally beating your nemesis. Or for some, it's just improving your handicap from last season. Either case is the same emotion. The winter brings out your passion, your ambition and energizes every cell in your body. There is absolutely no thrill better than stepping into the starting gate. The snow crunches under your skis; your eyes focus on the first few gates in view. The snip of cold in your nostrils bring forth skills, experience, and challenge you to be your best that day.

This is life- meeting the elements, using gravity and confidence to dance through the course with your goal just ahead. Ski Racing is a beautiful sport. It's an important way some of us experience winter. GO WHEN READY!

Scott Pyles
November 12, 2014



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MACC sends out newletters during the race season with updates about coming events. Here are links to recent newsletters.

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