MACC Racing Finale: The Marks Weekend!

March 3. The coming Marks weekend has historically included 3 races. This season, there will be 6 races! On Friday, we'll have 2 SL runs for race 8, as planned. But Saturday, there will be 3 GS runs. The first two are race 9, and the third run will be a makeup for the first GS, now renumbered as race 10.

On Sunday, there will be an extra SG run, making three runs total (2SG, 1SL). The two SG runs will contribute to the Cantor Cup (race 11), and will also count as a makeup for race 3. The SL will contribute to the Cantor Cup, and will also count as a makeup for race 4. Overall, the season will have 11 races, with 10 counting for World Cup points.

If conditions allow all races mentioned, the world cup total will allow 3 drops.

Feb 21. Finally! Great conditions, awards, and a 3-race weekend; Run 3 on Sunday was the race 5 makeup. Results are posted, and there there are three upgrades. Congratulations Brittany, Doug, and Jim!

Feb 3. Here is our updated document for MACC steps in a Safe Return to Ski Racing. We have new information about how to be a gate judge with a YouTube video instructional and 4-page cheat-sheet.

Jan 21. Registration and work assignment sign-up hours are limited: 8:00-9:15am and 11:30-noon. If you are a last-minute registration, these apply to you as well.

Jan 7. Another exciting interview by Debi Koltoniak, with special guest, President Alex Carrico. Learn about more changes for the 2021 season in Covid Corner: Part 2, the sequel to Covid Corner: Part 1.

Dec 28. Training at Boyne? Yes! See the training page for links and schedule.

Dec 2. On-line registration is now available! Register here.

Are you a new racer for MACC? Here is what you need to know.

Here is a page on the website for Boyne, where all of our races occur:

MACC Racing: Who We Are

The Michigan Alpine Competition Council (MACC) is a non-profit organization made of amateur ski racers who work as volunteers to run the main Alpine ski racing program for adults in the Michigan region.

Our race series covers 12 races over five weekends each year at Boyne Mountain and sometimes Searchmont or Marquette. It's open to virtually all adult recreational racers and also 14, 15, 16, and 17-year old racers (a parent or designated adult for each junior racer must be on the hill when a junior racer competes).

You race in a class based on ability and gender. Ability groups with lots of racers are further divided by age. Most races are FIS slalom and giant slalom. We also have a genuine super-G and a super-combined fun race at the end of the season. Please see the Join and Info sections for details.

Social media: Here's the MACCRACING facebook page and here is the MACC Racing facebook group. Here is the MACC Instagram page.

YouTube: Here's end-of year videos for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Reviews: See reviews from some of our racers. Here's a nice article from NASTAR about the MACC weekend with former US ski team member Marco Sullivan.