Michigan Alpine Competition Council


Another fast racer hears about MACC racing and considers joining. He was drawn to MACC because we have so many photos on our web site: every race, every racer. But then he asked about how we handle ties for season trophies. Scott explained we use handicap; the recruit replied that we should use the most first places. When he realized we have only overall season trrophies (nothing for GS alone, for example), he said he'd get back to us.




MACC 2014 — Training

April 3. There will be training this weekend at Boyne! Slalom, 10-12 both days. Probably North Boyne.

March 25. Ski Racing magazine has an article about Midwest Masters that also shows a MACC racer getting instructions from Koz, and mentions MACC, Scott, and Cary.

March 9. We finished the season. Results are posted, including the Cantor Cup results including handicaps. (The handicaps for the race aren't used for averages; they're just for bragging rights.)

BTW, Women's' B was getting too crowded with all the upgrades, so Renee moved up to A with the season's final upgrade. Congratulations!

Feb 19. Here is the thank-you letter President Scott Pyles sent to Vern, our contact at Marquette. Here are Marquette highlights, taken from Debi's email newsletter.

MACC Racing: Who We Are

The Michigan Alpine Competition Council (MACC) is a non-profit organization made of amateur ski racers who work as volunteers to run the main Alpine ski racing program for adults in the Michigan region.

Our race series covers 12 races over five weekends each year at Boyne Mountain and at Marquette. It's open to virtually all adult recreational racers and also 14, 15, 16, and 17-year old racers with MACC parents.

You race in a class based on ability and gender. Ability groups with lots of racers are further divided by age. Most races are FIS slalom and giant slalom. However, we also have a genuine super-G and a super-combined fun race at the end of the season.

Please see the Program and Join sections for more information.

Live Results: All race results are live on Use a smart phone to get your times.

Sprongo Video: Hundreds of videos from Mark Warren and others are posted for MACC on Sprongo.

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