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Details about Searchmont

Feb 4. UPDATE: Super G start time is finalized. Racers allowed on lift at 8:30, course inspection 10:00 - 10:45. First racer on course at 11:00. Non-stop training runs followed by race runs. More information on the News page.

Bonus! The Ski Runners are providing a second Super-G race in the afternoon for us. No work. No cost. They're used to running multiple races in a day, and will be doing that for us. The afternoon Super-G is strictly for fun and bragging rights. (No MACC points or awards.)

Feb 2. Searchmont update: Races on Friday (Super-G) and Sunday (GS) will have everyone on the same course, slow classes going first. (All D's, then All C's, etc., with open-E going last, just as we do with the Cantor Cup the past few years.) Details for the Saturday Slalom have not been finalized; they will be announced Thursday afternoon.

The start time for Friday's Super-G was originally set for 10:00. Please check back before you go -- we might be able to arrange a later start time (such as 11:00).

Here's the MACC Newsletter with more information.

Jan 26. Information is available from the What's New page, including Initial info for Searchmont.pdf and the announcement from Searchmont. Fun fact: the cost is very low! It's roughly $20 USA each day to race and $20 USA for the lift ticket (MACC special price). That's right, race fee+lift ticket is less than a lift ticket at any area in Michigan! And remember, the race fee means You Don't Work!

Jan 24, 2016. Here are the results for the first race weekend (races 3 and 4). We had five upgrades: Congratulations Mike, Dennis, Scott, Sandy, and Terri!

November Season Highlights 2015. Here is a 20-page "Yearbook" for the 2015 season, with rosters, results, and lots of photos. Here's a low-res (web) version for quick viewing.

Please contact Scott or Debi for a higher-quality hard-copy.

March 14, 2015. Photos and observations from president Scott Pyles, who observed every race even though he couldn't compete this year, what with the pesky knee surgery and all.

Nov 2014. MACC was started in 1963. Read the short history of MACC and Michigan ski racing from Scott in What's New.

MACC Racing: Who We Are

The Michigan Alpine Competition Council (MACC) is a non-profit organization made of amateur ski racers who work as volunteers to run the main Alpine ski racing program for adults in the Michigan region.

Our race series covers 12 races over five weekends each year at Boyne Mountain and sometimes Searchmont or Marquette. It's open to virtually all adult recreational racers and also 14, 15, 16, and 17-year old racers with MACC parents.

You race in a class based on ability and gender. Ability groups with lots of racers are further divided by age. Most races are FIS slalom and giant slalom. However, we also have a genuine super-G and a super-combined fun race at the end of the season.

Please see the Program and Join sections for more information.

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