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Welcome to 2022 MACC Race Season

We anticipate safety procedures and restrictions may be issued or changed as our season approaches. As an organization we will have to adapt to these changes as they come. We ask that you stay patient as we get ready for the season. As new information is received, it will be distributed through the MACC newsletter, MACC social media accounts, and Race Team Representatives

Additionally, the schedule for the season has been set, but the class distribution on each course has not been finalized. The class distribution will depend on the registration numbers we receive over the next month. Once the courses are finalized, the information will be distributed through the MACC newsletter, MACC social media accounts, and Race Team Representatives.

We’re looking forward to another great season of MACC. See you on the race hill!

Alexandra Carrico, President
Drew Hilger, Vice President

MACC 2022 Safety Procedures

The document linked to below provides the safety procedures as they currently exist. 

MACC 2022 Safety Procedures

(Note: this link will open in a new tab or window.)

After you have paid, a confirmation page will be presented. You should print or screen cap this for your records.

If you experience problems or have questions, email your issue to registration@maccracing.org.

Start Registration!

Basic Information

First step is to collect some basic information about you,

Date of Birth


The MACC e-Newsletter updates members with news, schedule and rules changes. By providing your email address, you are requesting to receive MACC's Newsletter via email.


Ski Team

Racers need to choose their ski team.

New racers may choose Unknown as their team if they do not know what team they will join.

All racers must designate their team by their second race weekend.

NOTE: IF you do not actively choose a team, you will default to "Unknown" which means you will not be on a team.
Returning racers: please be nice to our Director of Registration and choose your team!! Thank you!


Have You Raced MACC Before?

Have you registered as a MACC racer (not as a guest racer) in a prior year?
If you have been a registered MACC racer, choose YES. If not, choose NO.

Racing Bib Size Preference
If you are a NEW racer you will need a new racing bib, indicate your preferred size.($20)
If you are a RETURNING racer that needs a bib, indicate your preferred size. ($20)
If you are a RETURNING racer and you do not need a bib, select "NOT APPLICABLE".
To view the current MACC racing bib, click the button.

Racing Class Selection

Please complete the section appropriate to your situation.

New Racers - Qualifier Race

At the first Saturday of the race season, new racers run a one-run qualifying course to determine a handicap range that will place you in your most competitive group. Results from the first official race of the season may adjust your seeding, if necessary.

If you are NOT able to race the qualifier race on the first Saturday, please contact Registration.
Please contact Registration via email at registration@maccracing.org

Will you be able to attend the qualifier race?

Returning Racers - Women - Choose Class

Please choose an AGE group (Open, Vet) and an ABILITY class (E, E1, E2, ...).

Women's Class Choices

Vet classes for women are age 50+.
Listing a class is NOT a guarantee that the class will be available.

Returning Racers - Men - Choose Class

Please choose an AGE group (Open, Vet) and an ABILITY class (E, E1, E2, ...).

Men's Class Choices

Super Vet, 60+; Vet, 40+
Listing a class is NOT a guarantee that the class will be available.

Emergency Contact

Establish your emergency contact.

This must be a parent or guardian for anyone under 18.


Sign The Waivers

Racers are required to sign the MACC waiver of liability and the Boyne Mountain waiver of liability. 

Waiver of Liability

Boyne Mountain

Signing this waiver is completed on the boyne.com website. When you click the link below a second window or tab will open where you can complete the process. Please note that you will need your Boyne user ID and password to do so.

Please return to this screen to complete your MACC registration process after signing your Boyne racing waiver.

Boyne.com Waiver of Liability

Waiver of Liability

Michigan Alpine Competition Council

I, *insert name* HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE that ski racing is a dangerous sport which can lead to serious injury, or even death. I understand and voluntarily agree to personally assume any and all of the liability and risks of Alpine Racing.

Further, I agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, survivors, guardians, legal representatives or assigns to HOLD HARMLESS AND RELEASE the Michigan Alpine Competition Council (MACC), its officers, organizers, agents, team representatives, and employees from any responsibility for any and all personal injuries or death which I may suffer during and as a result of my participation in the MACC Racing events.

Further, I agree to visually inspect the race course prior to the race in which I will be racing.

By my signature I indicate that I have read and fully understood this WAIVER OF LIABILITY and agree to its terms of my own free will.

Racer/Guardian Signature Block

Draw your signature

After signing in the signature pad please check this box to indicate your acceptance of the terms of the MACC Waiver of Liability.

To Sign...

To make your signature...

Using a mouse, move the pointer into the signature block and hold down the left mouse button. Hold the button down while moving your mouse to sign. You can release the left mouse button, move the pointer and then hold down the left button to continue making your signature.

Using a stylus or finger, place your finger or stylus in the box and sign as if you were using a pen. You may lift your stylus or finger, move it to a new spot and continue signing from the new spot.


If you have a PayPal account, you can use the PayPal button which will allow you to login at PayPal to make the payment for your 2022 registration.

If you do NOT have a PayPal account, you can use the credit/debit card button which will allow you to use PayPal as a guest. You will need to supply your credit card details.


Payment Details

Review your payment details and then use the PayPal buttons below to make your payment.


Total Payment Due:

Pay With PayPal

You Are Registered for the MACC 2022 Racing Season

Thank you for registering for the MACC 2022 race season! We are happy you chose to come race with us!!

Please print or screen shot the information on this page and retain it like you would with any receipt. It will aid in resolving any difficulties should they arise.

Gear Up For The Season!

Do MACC Racing in style! Get new gear from the MACC Apparel Store!

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