Let’s get this thing started!

January 20, 2022. Hope those who participated in the GS and SL training, and others who decided to free ski got a good start on the season.

View the race training here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCfwKCPYgQw  GS
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFQDX65XsUE&t=17s  SL

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We will be collecting online orders through February 7th, 2022. Racers will be responsible for picking up your order at Boyne Mountain on February 26th and 27th, 2022.

The race is on!

FIS will be ready for MACC's races this weekend. We are hopeful Superbowl will be ready for our slalom on Sunday, but that has not been promised to us at this point. So, our qualifier and the Giant Slalom will take place Saturday on FIS. Please stay tuned for updates on Sunday's slalom. We plan to hold the race, but the race hill has not been determined.

Thank you for your continued patience. We look forward to seeing you on the hill.
Alexandra Carrico, President 

Othmar office hours for registration:

8-9:15am and 11:30am-noon

Sign up for your work assignment

We still need gate Judges Saturday on course 1 and Sunday on course 2

Registered racer count is 100, including 8 new racers.

There will be 8 new racers doing the qualifier at 10am.

Guests can now register on the website:

Click here for information. This is also accessible from the MACC navigation under the Join menu.


Awards will be Saturday at the base of FIS at 3pm. BYOB

For real-time updates and critical race day information:


Back by popular demand...

THE Corner

Starring Debi Koltoniak with special guest President Alex Carrico

Debi: Hello everyone. I am again joined by Alex Carrico to talk about the latest with MACC. Welcome Alex.

Alex: Thanks Debi. I like the new name… THE Corner.

Debi: My agent suggested it to give the show a more modern flare.

Alex: Well, I think you are timeless Debi.

Debi: Thanks Alex. Let’s jump into my questions. What should racers expect this weekend?

Alex: Boyne has relaxed their rules quite a bit, but masks are still required in certain areas around Boyne. I would highly recommend reading the 2022 Safety Procedures on our website and pay attention to the signage on site.

Debi: I hate to cover up my pretty face with a mask, but I’ll do whatever I need to go ski racing.

Alex: Exactly, it is also important to be a good steward of the sport and Boyne. Boyne is our host and title sponsor afterall.

Debi: That is true. Speaking of Boyne, where are we racing this weekend?

Alex: Good question Debi. At this point there is only enough snow to race on FIS, but we are hopeful there will be enough snow to have slalom on Superbowl this Sunday.

Debi: Well, I am just excited to be racing this weekend Alex. I look great on both hills!!

Alex: I can’t argue with that Debi.

Debi: I know a lot of people love North Boyne, and of course, I look good there too. Is there a possibility or racing there?

Alex: Highly doubtful. We take every opportunity we get to race on North Boyne, but those opportunities are extremely rare on weekends.

Debi: I love North Boyne, but I will say, the tailgating is much better on Superbowl.

Alex: Speaking of tailgating, the Snowflake is not available for our awards. So, we will have awards at 3pm, or as soon as possible thereafter, at the bottom of FIS. We will use the speaker from the bottom start shack again.

Debi: I miss the snowflake, but I am really looking forward to hanging with my peeps on the hill.

Alex: Me too!

Debi: A lot of people have been asking about the mixing up of classes on each course. Can you comment on that?

Alex: Sure, the reality is we are concerned about having enough people to work each course. We need to staff every course for every race all year. This forced us to move classes around to make sure we could do that. While this may not be the most popular move, we are confident it is more popular than not racing or requiring racers to work every day.

Debi: So, like everything else, the solution is more racers.

Alex: Absolutely, please tell your friends.

Debi: How many racers we do have signed up?

Alex: Just over 100, which is the best pre-season registration number we have seen in a long time. We typically have another dozen or so come in during the first two race weekends. If we continue to see growth we may be able to return to the traditional course layout, but for now we have to do the best we can with what we have.

Debi: Thank you for all your work leading this great organization Alex.




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