2022 Pre-season eNews

November 10, 2021

2021 Trophy hardware was sent to each race rep via President Alex for distribution to their team members. Some race reps (me included) have yet to distribute all of the goods. If your trophy shelf looks empty of your 2021 World Cup or Update hardware, check with your race rep.

Here are a few items the Board and race reps discussed during our conference call:

  • We are waiting on Boyne to set their COVID policy for 2022.
  • 2022 online registration is in process of testing before we go live. Fees will be same as last season and we will use same bibs.
  • MACC apparel will be available, and online site will go live when online registration opens.
  • Race schedule dates and times are set for 2022 (see attached PDF)
  • Last year the distribution of classes worked so well because we had an opportunity to space out workers to manage each course. So plan on a similar approach this year.
  • 2022 awards glassware has been ordered, and location of Awards will be based on availability of the Snowflake. We held awards at the base of FIS last season, and we will do so again if Boyne has indoor limits due to COVID. (TBD)
  • Time to recruit new MACC racers. Share the attached flier with your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, really anyone you come across in your daily activities! We especially need younger racers and those  who are qualified to race in the D, C, B and A classes.
  • Rule Change: 13.5.8  Racers are allowed to race as a guest up to 3 days per season. If a guest racer wants to race more than 3 days, they must join the MACC.

Notes: We want to encourage people to join MACC. We also want to discourage current members from racing as a guest to avoid work assignment requirements. The alternatives are to increase the fee for guest racing or require guests to work, both of which seem counterproductive to growing the program.

Think snow!
Debi Koltoniak
MACC Director of Communications



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