A few scheduling changes to be aware of this weekend

March 10, 2022.

  1. Friday’s Slalom race will be on North Boyne
    1. Registration will be in the Ramshead Room behind the cafeteria. 8:00-9:15 am or 11:30-noon
    2. • Banquet tickets can be purchased with cash or check on Friday until 11:30am
  2. Awards for last Sunday’s GS and Friday’s SL race will be held on Saturday IMMEDIETLY following the GS race
  3. Sunday’s Cantor Cup awards will be at the base of FIS

ONLINE Banquet tickets will close at 8pm Thursday night

Link to purchase banquet tickets online:


Ticket Prices

• Adult (13 years old and up) $47

• Child (5-12 years old) $21

• Baby (4 years old and younger) Free

Banquet will be in the Civic Center

• Saturday, 3/12/22

• Doors:  6:30 PM

• Dinner: 7:00 PM

If you race all three days, you will need 2 work assignments

If you have not signed up yet, here is the link:

If you need a work assignment day of the race, check in with Bill Perlmutter Saturday or Sunday in the Othmar between 8:00-9:15 am or 11:30-12 noon.

A new twist for Awards Banquet prizes

We will have two different raffles at our banquet this year. Please read my interview with Alex in THE Corner below for more details. Hint, hint… Cash is King. Bring some greenbacks!

THE Corner

Starring Debi Koltoniak with special guest President Alex Carrico

Debi: Welcome to THE Corner, where I have a special guest today. Please welcome MACC’s president Alex Carrico (large applause)

Alex: Thanks Debi, it is always great to be here.

Debi: Great to have you. I want to talk about this raffle we’re going to have at the banquet. It has been all the buzz.

Alex: We are having 2 raffles.

Debi: 2 Raffles?!

Alex: Yes, MACC has an obsolete timing system and we have been working on the funding for a new one for a long time.

Debi: So, we need to generate some cash? I think I can help with that.

Alex: Well, it needs to be legal, and we will have minors in attendance.

Debi: Oh, that is kind of outside my wheelhouse. If you want to have a separate Hollywood style party, I can show you how to generate some cash.

Alex: We will keep that in mind, but for now we received our raffle license.

Debi: Ahh… So, what is the plan?

Alex: We are going to give everyone a raffle ticket as usual, which will be entered into the first drawing for our door prizes. These will range from T-shirts to ski poles.

Debi: So, what is the second raffle?

Alex: Everyone will also be able to buy separate raffle tickets for $5/each or 5 for $20.

Debi: What can you do with these raffle tickets?

Alex: These will be for the big prizes, such as … skis, boot heaters, helmets, and the Gold pass.

Debi: That sounds great, how many raffle tickets can I buy?

Alex: As many as you want. You can then place them in the bucket for the prize or prizes you want to win.

Debi: That sounds fun. So, if the skis are too small and soft for me, I can just put my tickets in for what I want?

Alex: Exactly, you can choose what you want to try to win and spend your money on that.

Debi: And 100% of the proceeds will be put back into MACC.

Alex: 100% thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Boyne Mountain, Norm’s Ski Shop, Nichols Ski & Snowboard and Mr. Medicare (Jim Geisling).

Debi: Excellent, I can wait to see everyone this weekend!

Alex: Me too. Thanks for having me Debi



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