Virtual Banquet!

Tuesday, March 16 at 8pm

Lets’s celebrate the end of this MACC COVID Calamity and look toward brighter days ahead. The races are wrapped up, the results are in, and it is time to raise a glass to a successful race season during a difficult year.

For those of you heading out west to ski, I am super jelly, but happy for you!

For the rest of us, time to pull out the bikes and golf clubs and look forward to water sports and enjoying our various water craft. Whatever you do, enjoy it safely and have fun doing it.

The highlight of my year was being able to join you for the last two race weekends. Did my soul good to see my winter friends again! Appreciate the opportunity to forerun the clean courses.

The VIRTUAL BANQUET invite is at this link. It uses Microsoft Team, which works well with larger numbers, and is free for us to use.

I downloaded the “Microsoft Teams” app, and it was easy peasy. 

A few items to help the virtual session go smoothly and fun:

  1. You will be muted upon entry, please stay muted at all times. If you would like to say something, please use the "raise hand" feature and you will be unmuted. 
  2. You do not need to use your camera, but if you'd like to please do!
  3. If you are over 21 make sure to grab your favorite beverage and celebrate the season with us!
  4. You can join Microsoft Teams through the Microsoft Teams app or your browser (Chrome or Edge recommended). 

Looking forward to seeing you all on screen Tuesday, March 16 at 8pm!

Debi Koltoniak
MACC Director of Communications



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