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Job Descriptions (Cheat Sheets)

Here are downloadable "cheat sheets" (job descriptions) for the volunteer jobs required for running a successful alpine ski race.

File Date Description
announcer.pdf Jan 2016 2-page "cheat sheet" for announcers.
gatejudge.pdf Jan 2010 2-page "cheat sheet" for gate judges. 
pacesetter.pdf  Jan 2015 "Cheat sheet" for pacesetters:
chief.pdf Jan 2010 "Cheat sheet" for chiefs of course.
maint.pdf Jan 2010 "Cheat sheet" for course maintenance. 
starter.pdf Jan 2010 2-page "cheat sheet" for starters. 
Starter Inside.pdf Jan 2012 "Cheat sheet" for Inside Starters. 
Timer-1.pdf Jan 2012 "Cheat sheet" for Timer 1. 
Timer-2.pdf Jan 2012 "Cheat sheet" for Timer 2.