Job Descriptions (Cheat Sheets)

Here are downloadable "cheat sheets" (job descriptions) for the volunteer jobs required for running a successful alpine ski race. There's also a video instructional!

File Date Description
announcer.pdf Jan 2016 2-page "cheat sheet" for announcers.
gate_judge.pdf Feb 2021 4 pages describing setup, radio use, the MACC Gate Judge card, judging during the race, pole signals, disqualifying racers, and what to do after the race.
YouTube Video Feb 2021 Narrated video showing how to judge whether racers went through the required gate, and how to fill out the MACC Gate Judge card.
pacesetter.pdf  Jan 2015 "Cheat sheet" for pacesetters.
chief.pdf Jan 2010 "Cheat sheet" for chiefs of course.
maint.pdf Jan 2010 "Cheat sheet" for course maintenance. 
starter.pdf Jan 2010 2-page "cheat sheet" for starters. 
Starter Inside.pdf Jan 2012 "Cheat sheet" for Inside Starters. 
Timer-1.pdf Jan 2012 "Cheat sheet" for Timer 1. 
Timer-2.pdf Jan 2012 "Cheat sheet" for Timer 2.