The Rules

Here are the official rules for the MACC program; download and print.

Our courses are set according to current FIS standards. Starting in 2010 we have used single-pole slalom courses, and starting in 2012 we use single side giant slalom. If you miss a gate in a single-pole course, you must climb above the missed gate and come down the other side to avoid disqualification. Here is a nice set of illustrations that was posted by USSA for explaining how you handle a missed gates in a single-pole course.

File Date Description
MACC_Rules_2021_Nov.pdf Nov 2021 28-page rules for the MACC program.
MACC_ByLaws_2020_Nov.pdf Nov 2020 7-page By-Laws for the MACC non-profit corporation.
MACC_Constitution_2021_Nov.pdf Nov 2021 3-page constitution for the MACC non-profit corporation.

Past versions of the rules are also kept on this website. Click here to view the folder with PDF files both current and past versions of the rules.