Happier New Year MACC racers!

The 2021 MACC race season is on for all those who wish to partake. We have 84 registered racers at this juncture. Six of which are new and several returning racers after a long absence from MACC. Not bad for a COVID year.

If you don’t have a season pass and need lift tickets, order them online now so they don’t sell out. https://www.boynemountain.com/lift-tickets

There is an updated “MACC Safe Return to Ski Racing” link to the PDF document on our web homepage. Please make yourself aware of the restrictions before you boot up for the first race. https://www.maccracing.org/

The MACC Board of Directors wanted to communicate this to you immediately because the decisions we needed to make may impact some racer’s decision to race or not race this season. Keep in mind, we do have a MACC Refund Policy in place for 2021. (see below)

With the many COVID restrictions, our goal is to have quality races run safely. In order to do so, we needed to make several adjustments to the courses based on the following factors:

1.) total number of racers signed up

2.) number of racers registered in individual classes

3.) number of racers available to work each course

Here are results:
The change to the courses has been decided and is the plan going forward. (2021 schedule attached)

Vet classes will be merged with the regular open class within each handicap range, if all of the following apply:
1 - There is a Vet, SuperVet and open class within the same handicap range.
2 - One of the classes above has 2 or fewer registered racers.
Note: This change is in effect for the 2021 season only. Determinations related to classes for the 2022 season will be made at a later date.

Current Boyne snow conditions for racing
Alex and Drew spoke with Mark Skop yesterday morning and the snow situation on Superbowl/FIS is not great. They are projecting a nearly 2 week streak of weather that is too warm to blow snow. North Boyne will likely not be an option either. There is a chance we won't be able to race next weekend because of this. Alex and Drew are waiting for one last report from Mark Skop before our Board of Directors conference call on Wednesday January 6, 2021 to make this decision. Stay tuned via the January 7 MACC eNews, MACC website www.maccracing.org and  https://www.facebook.com/MACCSKIRACING/

MACC Refund Policy 
Racers who pay their registration fee, in full, prior to the start of the season will be entitled to a refund if they decide not to race for any reason and notify Ginnie Uhley, the Director of Registration uhley@oakland.edu by email prior to January 9th, 2021. Refunds may take up to 2 weeks to be processed.

• If a racer decides not to race on or after January 9th, 2021, refunds will not be granted unless the Board of Directors votes to cancel all or part of the season. Refunds will be issued automatically if the Board of Directors votes to cancel the entire season or part of the season as outlined below:

Prior to Season Start: If the season is canceled before January 9th, 2021 the full registration fee will be refund to each racer.

Mid- Season: If the season is cancelled between January 9th, 2021 and February 21st , 2021 a partial registration fee refund will be issued to each racer.

End of Season: If the season is canceled after February 21st, 2021 no refunds will be issued. 

Bib Refunds: If at the point of cancellation, a new bib was paid for but not received, a refund will be issued for the cost of the bib. If a new bib was paid for but already received, a refund will not be issued for the bib.

On a personal note
Nick and I will be skipping racing this year due to COVID concerns and sharing care-taking responsibilities with my sisters for my parents who are 89 and 91 and living at home. Got to keep the parental units safe. We will miss all of you, and look forward to joining you all again in 2022!

Quick links for updated info:
We have established a dedicated facebook page which will be used for real-time updates and critical information. Only MACC administrators can post. We are also on Instagram. MACC Ski Racing : https://www.facebook.com/MACCSKIRACING/

We also have a public facebook group page where anyone can post: MACC Alpine Ski Racing:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/199198344547/

And of course, our webpage: www.maccracing.org

Be Well. Be Safe. Be kind
If you plan to participate in the MACC racing program in 2021, we ask that you do so with flexibility in mind. Lend a hand where you can and keep a positive attitude.

I will not be at Boyne racing this year, but I will continue in my role as Director of Communications and eNews editor during the 2021 season. Looking forward to racing and skiing vicariously through my winter friends.

Don’t know about you, but my neck hurts from changing directions so often.

Debi Koltoniak
MACC Director of Communications