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Create User ID for Pre-Assigned Course Workers and Gate Judges

This form is used to create a NEW user ID and password for you to be able to access the work assignments registration system. You will need to do this exactly once. When you have created your user ID and password, you will be able to login and register for work assignments prior to each race weekend.

Your email address will become your user ID. This system will help you create a password associated to your email address. The password you create should be different than the password you use to login with your email provider! This will enhance your personal security.

A valid email address that you have access to is required because this system will send you email to activate your user ID and in the event that you need to reset your password.

Please note that the ONLY use that will be made of your email address is to allow you to login and use this system and allow the system administrators to contact you about your work assignments. You may be sent emails during the course of using the system and the system administrators may occasionally send you email.

Name and Email Address

Remember: we may use this information to contact you regarding your work assignment. Please make sure it is "good" info. Nicknames like "El Diablo de Ski" are not really helpful when we are trying to track you down in the event of some problem with your assignment. Thanks!

"Useful" for the phone number means that you will answer it or check the voicemail fairly often. If there is a need to contact you late in the week about your assignment we may attempt to call you.

Email address:
First name:
Last Name:
"Useful" Phone Number:
(Format: AAA-NNN-NNNN)

Password Creation

Enter a password you would like to use when logging into the MACC Work Assignments system. MAKE SURE that you do not use your current email account password. This will enhance your own email security.

Enter your choice for a MACC password:
Re-enter your choice for a MACC password: